Thursday, 9 February 2012

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - more green

I had thought that I would throw the scraps left over from the last piece away – some were just slithers and I couldn't imagine them being useful.

However, before they went in the bin, I decided to use them with my embellisher machine.  When looking through my felt to attach to I saw that I had odd bits of felt too and instead of having to use a complete sheet I was able to join my felt scraps with my embellisher.
 front and back, the khaki is showing a bit brownish on these photos

 The next task was to embellish the cotton scraps on.

Then I softened it with some merino fibres and a couple of strands of scrap yarn

Realising I couldn't see much of the cotton fabrics, I picked some of the merino fibres off to reveal the fabrics again

 close ups

Here's what it may look like, cut up and mixed with pieces created in different colours

I'll keep it as it is until I have made some more pieces in future months, then decide what to use it for.

This has been a great opportunity to use all of those scraps to create a new fabric.

Apologies for the difference in quality of the photos - some were taken in daylight and others in artificial light.


Cathy Tomm said...

Cool what you have done. I will have to try some day. I have a bin of good scraps too small to sew but never know what to do. You green piece would make a nice journal cover or one side of a bag or many things.

scraphappy said...

What a fun way to make use of every last bit. It feels good to make something beautiful from such humble scraps.

vtquilter said...

Those come out looking so neat. I love the look of all the colors together.

Scrappy quilter said...

WOW it turned out great.

Angie said...

So interesting. I'v never seen anything like this before. I'm keeping a LOT of my scraps, even the little bits. I figured I'd run across an idea someday and be able to use them.