Sunday, 25 March 2012

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Pink #2

I went back and trimmed the scrappy edges from my pink fabrics and made this today.  It's about 9" by 6.75" and will go in the pile of scrappy blocks to be made into something later.
 These are the only scraps left!

I've spent most of the weekend weeding so not a lot of sewing done, but after dinner tonight I spent over an hour working on a UFO and it's no longer a UFO. Yippee - another one to cross off the list.  I've yet to take a photo of the finished piece so will post about it another day.

Hope you've all had a good weekend.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Pink

This month's colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is pink.  I don't have a lot of pink fabric as you can see from this photo (they're fat quarters which have had bits cut off for other projects in the past).
There weren't many scrappy edges to them so I cut 3.5 inch strips from them, none of them as long as the original full width/length.  I then cut the strips and randomly sewed them together, just making sure that the same fabric wouldn't be next to each other or next-door but one.

None of the blocks I've made so far have been made into anything yet as I'm planning to use them together in one or two rainbow projects.  I was unsure what the pink strips would look like with the red and green blocks but was pleasantly surprised when they were placed together.
This weekend was the first opportunity I've had this month to make anything for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge but hopefully I'll be able to do some more before the next colour is announced.

Friday, 2 March 2012

UFO Challenge - Feb completed

February's UFO was number 1 which is my small weaving piece.  I saved it for taking with me on a train journey and managed to do quite a lot that day.  I've since finished it and taken it off the loom. It was a sample piece to see how the wools worked being woven so no plans for it yet but it's in colours I work with a lot so will be incorporated into something.

These wools were leftover from a cardigan I was knitting which turned into another UFO.  Guess what - it's number has come up for March.  I need to do some thinking about how to resolve the issues I had so it won't be a quick finish.  The UFOs for January and February were both quick hits so it was bound to be a bigger job this time.  I also plan to make something for my mum for Mother's Day so will only have time for the thinking not doing for the next couple of weeks.