Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tag Tuesday - Green

Over the years I've dabbled with various different crafts and most enjoyment has come from textile related crafts.  For my green tag, I have raided my supplies and woven snippets together, then added machine and hand stitching together with some beading. 

Snippets include
  • Wensleydale curls
  • merino fibres
  • silk fibres
  • stranded cotton
  • wool and other yarns
  • metallic thread
  • perle thread
  • sweet wrapper
  • suede strip
  • suede-like rounded thread
  • mulberry paper
  • tissue paper
  • sheer fabric
  • cotton fabric
  • scrim
A button completes the tag.

I missed making the purple tag.  I think I was overwhelmed by all my purple stuff as it's one of my favourite colours and didn't know what medium to choose.  Green is much less in abundance and I decided to use a bit of everything!  Now that I have made this green tag, I can go back and use the same idea for purple.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tag Tuesday - Camping

I've been on several camping holidays over the years but have chosen last year's trip to Herm, one of the Channel Islands, to make into a tag for this week.  The island is just a mile and a half long and half a mile wide with wonderful unspoilt beaches.

We travelled by ferry to Guernsey, stayed overnight, and took the smaller ferry to Herm the next day.  No cars are allowed on the island, but thankfully, there is transport for your luggage so we didn't have to carry our camping gear across the island.  It may not be far, but there is a steep hill to climb.

 The top photo shows the view from inside our tent looking out over the sea.  The second photo shows our plot which was probably one of the best on the site for views.  I was working on a weaving/crochet project just before we went so I took it with me and the yarns have been incorporated into my tag - the blue yarn in the sky of the top photo and the green bamboo yarn on the bottom photo.  Whilst we were on Guernsey waiting for our ferry, I went into a department store where they had a 75% off sale and bought some yarn to weave into cushion covers - a small piece of this is the string of the tag.  I have recently finished weaving the cushion covers and am sewing them up.

The background to the tag is a Guernsey £1 note and I have just realised I have put 2012 instead of 2011 oops.  I'll amend it but it's too late for this post before the Tag Tuesday deadline.  Please have a look at the tags the others have made.  Camping invokes fond memories for some but for others it has been something to endure.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Tag Tuesday - Diamond Jubilee

This week I liked the suggestion of using the queen on postage stamps for my Diamond Jubilee tag.  Looking through my stamp collection I picked out the loose definitive stamps, some of which were pre-decimal with a young Queen Elizabeth II and some decimal with a different portrait of the Queen. 

I dismissed the idea of a general mosaic of stamps as I wanted it to be Jubilee themed and was lucky enough to have the stamps needed for writing 1952 in pre-decimal stamps and 2012 in decimal.

As well as English stamps, I've been able to incorporate a Scottish one and a Welsh one, unfortunately I didn't have any to represent Northern Ireland.  To complete the theme I printed the Jubilee logo and used a crown rubber stamp.

The background is textured wallpaper with sheer fabrics and I've also attached somebeads and individual onion seed heads.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Tag Tuesday - Found Objects

Whenever I'm at the seaside I love collecting shells with the plan to create something with them, however, most of the time they just get added to my shell stash.  I've always been aware that different shells can be found on different beaches but over the last few years I've noticed something new.  One time recenlty, there were lots of broken shells with sea-worn edges just like the broken glass you find on the beach.  Last year I found lots of limpet shells with their peaks cut off.  It is some of these I have used in my tag.
I thought this fabric was ideal - it's got a turquoise/green colouring in the bottom third and blue at the top.   I was disappointed that the shells which I had sewn on blended into the background and so glued the other two on.  These two now represent shells swept onto the beach and the bottom three are tumbling in the surf. 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Tag Tuesday - Gardening

I've been neglecting tag making and the rainbow scrap challenge lately due to other commitments both craft and non-craft.  A nudge to get going again was what I needed and so I made two gardening tags yesterday.

The first is loosely based on my Chelsea Pinks competition entry for my local Embroiderers Guild a few years ago.  As I was rummaging in my scrap box for some green scrim, I found a small piece of knitting which used the same yarn as I'd used in Chelsea Pinks and also a photo printed onto a sheer which was perfect to use.

My second tag shows some of the photos I took whilst visiting the Chelsea Flower Show a few years ago and are of design features I liked.  As the show opens this week it seemed apt to incorporate them into a gardening tag.

 I'm not going to the show this year but if you're going I'm sure you'll have a lovely day out.  I'll be watching some of the television coverage.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Pink #2

I went back and trimmed the scrappy edges from my pink fabrics and made this today.  It's about 9" by 6.75" and will go in the pile of scrappy blocks to be made into something later.
 These are the only scraps left!

I've spent most of the weekend weeding so not a lot of sewing done, but after dinner tonight I spent over an hour working on a UFO and it's no longer a UFO. Yippee - another one to cross off the list.  I've yet to take a photo of the finished piece so will post about it another day.

Hope you've all had a good weekend.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Pink

This month's colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is pink.  I don't have a lot of pink fabric as you can see from this photo (they're fat quarters which have had bits cut off for other projects in the past).
There weren't many scrappy edges to them so I cut 3.5 inch strips from them, none of them as long as the original full width/length.  I then cut the strips and randomly sewed them together, just making sure that the same fabric wouldn't be next to each other or next-door but one.

None of the blocks I've made so far have been made into anything yet as I'm planning to use them together in one or two rainbow projects.  I was unsure what the pink strips would look like with the red and green blocks but was pleasantly surprised when they were placed together.
This weekend was the first opportunity I've had this month to make anything for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge but hopefully I'll be able to do some more before the next colour is announced.