Monday, 21 May 2012

Tag Tuesday - Gardening

I've been neglecting tag making and the rainbow scrap challenge lately due to other commitments both craft and non-craft.  A nudge to get going again was what I needed and so I made two gardening tags yesterday.

The first is loosely based on my Chelsea Pinks competition entry for my local Embroiderers Guild a few years ago.  As I was rummaging in my scrap box for some green scrim, I found a small piece of knitting which used the same yarn as I'd used in Chelsea Pinks and also a photo printed onto a sheer which was perfect to use.

My second tag shows some of the photos I took whilst visiting the Chelsea Flower Show a few years ago and are of design features I liked.  As the show opens this week it seemed apt to incorporate them into a gardening tag.

 I'm not going to the show this year but if you're going I'm sure you'll have a lovely day out.  I'll be watching some of the television coverage.

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Gorgeous tags ... I've added them to Tag Tuesday. I am so happy to see these :o)

Carolyn x