Sunday, 15 January 2012

First UFO finished

I've finished my first UFO from the UFO Challenge.  It didn't take long and I got it finished in an afternoon.  Makes me wonder I didn't find time to do it before now.  Perhaps it was not having asked my son what colours he would like, combined with always being busy with other bits and pieces. 

To dye the Tshirt I first soaked it in a mix of soda and salt solutions, then I squeezed the excess liquid out.  Using a syringe I squirted three colours of dylon dye all over the shirt.  Next it was into the casserole pot and micowaved for 4 mins.  I've got a separate microwave for my crafting to the one we use for cooking.

When it was done, I undid the stitching and rinsed it first by hand to get the excess dye out, then used the rinse cycle on the washing machine to get rid of the rest.

One happy son who now has his Tshirt at long last and one happy mother who has one less UFO


webmistress said...

Well done you for getting your first UFO ticked off! Mine was a little more difficult (a pile of blocks waiting for inspiration to strike and suggest a setting solution!) but I'm moving along!

JCnNC said...

Don't you love when things fall off the list (OTL) - great finish. Judy C

Sharon-IN said...

That is a great t-shirt! Cool to have the motivation with the UFO challenge, isn't it!?