Sunday, 10 June 2012

Tag Tuesday - Diamond Jubilee

This week I liked the suggestion of using the queen on postage stamps for my Diamond Jubilee tag.  Looking through my stamp collection I picked out the loose definitive stamps, some of which were pre-decimal with a young Queen Elizabeth II and some decimal with a different portrait of the Queen. 

I dismissed the idea of a general mosaic of stamps as I wanted it to be Jubilee themed and was lucky enough to have the stamps needed for writing 1952 in pre-decimal stamps and 2012 in decimal.

As well as English stamps, I've been able to incorporate a Scottish one and a Welsh one, unfortunately I didn't have any to represent Northern Ireland.  To complete the theme I printed the Jubilee logo and used a crown rubber stamp.

The background is textured wallpaper with sheer fabrics and I've also attached somebeads and individual onion seed heads.

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