Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tag Tuesday - Green

Over the years I've dabbled with various different crafts and most enjoyment has come from textile related crafts.  For my green tag, I have raided my supplies and woven snippets together, then added machine and hand stitching together with some beading. 

Snippets include
  • Wensleydale curls
  • merino fibres
  • silk fibres
  • stranded cotton
  • wool and other yarns
  • metallic thread
  • perle thread
  • sweet wrapper
  • suede strip
  • suede-like rounded thread
  • mulberry paper
  • tissue paper
  • sheer fabric
  • cotton fabric
  • scrim
A button completes the tag.

I missed making the purple tag.  I think I was overwhelmed by all my purple stuff as it's one of my favourite colours and didn't know what medium to choose.  Green is much less in abundance and I decided to use a bit of everything!  Now that I have made this green tag, I can go back and use the same idea for purple.

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I adore your tag (now showing on Tag Tuesday) and love your very green woven textiles. I shall also look forward to seeing a purple effort which perhaps you can slip into another post and I can include on the blog. Very love and thanks for playing along with Tag Tuesday ♥