Sunday, 4 May 2008

Hello World

A whole new world has been opened up to me over the last few weeks - blog world. I subscribe to Quilting Arts magazine and whilst looking at their website I randomly clicked on the editor's blog, I'm not sure that I've ever looked at it before. From clicking on various links I came across Sue Bleiweiss - she runs online courses and I registered for journal making. Sue has a blog and quite a few of my fellow students have ones as well. I've enjoyed reading their blogs and have been inspired to write my own. We can interact with each other on the class forum and I've received many replies with lots of useful information in response to my queries on blogging.

Here's a bit about me and crafting- as a child I always liked making things and when I was 17 I decided I'd like to make lace so enrolled in classes at the local adult education centre. I made lace for many years whilst being introduced to new crafts. I haven't made any lace for about 3 or 4 years now as other things have taken over. I still go to lace days to meet my lace friends and they are always interested in what I am up to. I've had spells of cross stitch, patchwork, quilting and applique, general needlecrafts, stitcheries and have been on workshops and courses for silk painting, stained glass work, paper making, soap making. However, I seem to have settled with textiles and finished my City and Guilds Part 2 in Embroidery last summer. I took this course to learn about design so that I could design my own pieces instead of relying on patterns, magazines and books to make things from. Embroidery seems too narrow a word to define what I enjoy and I like to incorporate lots of different techniques in my work.

I aim to share what I am currently working on and perhaps throw a few retro pieces from previous years in during quiet moments.

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