Monday, 5 May 2008

Journal Making

I've just finished an online journal making course with Sue Bleiweiss . It has been an enjoyable course and as well as learning how to make different styles of journals you can join the online forum and interact with other students. We've posted photos of our journals for each other to see and you can see them on Flickr. I joined this course to give myself another way of using my embroideries and other textile pieces.

Here's the journal from lesson 1. The pages are sewn in and there are pockets to hold tags.

The second journal, a sketchbook, I made is my favourite as I made it for a special purpose. I want to make some textile art with the theme of Venice and so have created a Venice sketchbook. This time instead of using a piece of fabric from my stash I created my own by printing photos of Venice onto some calico and then added small pieces of scrim and organzas, stitching them on with the sewing machine followed by some hand stitching and then adding buttons.

The inside cover has pockets and I have created pages with pockets to hold my photos. Ring binders are used in this journal to hold the pages, I've also included plain pages for my design work.

After spending a lot of time making the second journal I wanted a quick hit for the third one, but instead of using fabric I already had I made some using three designs of napkins! In this one the pages are held together with a ribbon.

I'll share my other journals with you another day.

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